The Famous Abba provides fun, educational activities that teach children what it means to live a Torah-observant life.

Our Super Shabbos Sheet sparks discussion and provides games for kids and adults of all ages.  It includes:

  • Parsha summary, skit ideas and practical lessons to learn
  • Word find, crossword, word scramble and gematria problems
  • Points for discussion about middos, HaShem and davening

Our weekly distribution list includes close to 200 families and the Super Shabbos Sheet has been published in each issue of the Jewish Link of Bergen County since June 2013.  Additionally, the Super Shabbos Sheet has been used by numerous summer camp programs in the US and Canada.  In the summer of 2013 over 4000 kids received the Super Shabbos Sheet!

The Super Shabbos Sheet was born from the desire to provide our own kids with fun activities and games that would ignite a spark of excitement for Torah learning.  Because we searched and found little more than online games, quizzes and downloadable coloring pages, we set out to create our own material with Torah-based activities that are not only fun but engage and inspire the entire family in Torah learning.

Judging from the reaction we have gotten thus far we think we have succeeded and hope you agree.