Here is what people are saying about the Super Shabbos Sheet

The Super Shabbos Sheet has quickly become an important part of our publication and I have lost count of the people telling me that their kids look for it in every issue.  Yashar Koach & keep them coming! —Moshe Kinderlehrer – Publisher – The Jewish Link of Bergen County

The goal is to have oneg on Shabbos — not only you but also your children! The Famous Abba sheets allow the kids each week to have oneg — to think, discuss and have fun with words and concepts at the Shabbos table.  It is a tremendous gift and enables a family to discuss Torah at whatever level the kids find themselves.  A great mattanah for the Jewish people! —David, Teaneck, NJ

I know our campers gained from the Super Shabbos Sheet last summer and it enhanced each families Shabbos table. —Rabbi Gold, Camp Director

Thank you! Me and my 13 year old couldn’t wait until Shabbat, we just got a jump start on the Parsha!! Thank you!! —Gila, Teaneck, NJ

Our nine year old son does the weekly Super Shabbos sheet religiously. He is enthralled and challenged by the many different games and features.  He learns a lot of new information and reviews many things he learned previously. Generally, the sheet has 2 or 3 items that are even above his level, and he usually pushes himself to try and find the right answer. —Aryeh, Passaic, NJ

Our grandson looks forward to this special email every week…..another wonderful way to create a connection between grandparents and grandchildren, both near and far. —Anonymous, Teaneck, NJ

Thank you!  You continue to help me learn new things. —Jeanette, Teaneck, NJ